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Latest from the blog

HD Vinyl Patent Proves Market Forces Can Save the Vinyl Record

For some time, independent record labels have expressed concern about Vinyl hype and the very real problems caused by the production bottleneck. According to small labels, independent artists now struggle to get their work pressed as the major labels leverage their size and budget to squeeze more and more records through a limited number of pressing plants

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How to Clean Vinyl Records

Collecting vinyl records is more popular than ever. We’ve documented several times on this website how despite the overall decline in physical music sales, vinyl records continue to buck the overall trend by growing year-on-year. Last year, in particular, was a significant milestone for the vinyl revival as sales grew for the tenth consecutive year.

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How to Look After Your Vinyl Records (Part Two)

In 2015, sales of vinyl records grew for the tenth consecutive year, and while millions of music fans are rediscovering the joy of music on wax, they’re also learning how maintenance comes with the territory. As we’ve already established in our first post about vinyl record care – great sounding records require care and attention. In this second edition,

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Using Sound to Stay Productive, Healthy, and Happy in your Open Office
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I detest open plan office spaces. The constant noise and distraction; the lack of personal privacy; rows and rows of anonymous desks that transform light and airy spaces into highly oppressive environments. I hate them! As somewhat of an introverted person, I find this style of working environment immensely stifling and ultimately harmful to my

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