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meHi there,

I’m Marc, and I created Sound Matters. I’m passionate about great quality sound and the importance of music in our lives and society as a whole. The trouble is – and at the risk of sounding like a pessimist – music just isn’t what it used to be.

What’s Happening?

The music industry is changing. Over the last decade or so, the digital revolution has turned music on its head. The industry has been slow to adapt, and the fast changing pace of technology has resulted in turmoil.

Change has created a difficult market for record companies, but on the positive side it has also opened up new doors. Never before has it been so easy to access and enjoy such a large back-catalogue or great music. Also, for musicians themselves, it has never been easier to create, publish, and distribute your own material.

The flip side is a fundamental change in music’s societal role. By this, I mean that Music has lost its importance in society, and our listening habits have never been so fickle. Music might be easier to obtain, but you have to question if anyone is really listening anymore.

Bringing Music Back to Life

It is my belief that the modern world – for all its advantages – is killing music. Think about it: The vast majority of music is now consumed through quick, low-quality channels such as streaming, video services, and MP3 downloads. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the music in question is typically played through cheap laptop speakers, or earphones that significantly diminish the experience.

The ironic thing is, technology available to record and capture music has never been better or more accessible. We have literally spent over 150 years since the first audio recording perfecting and honing our craft, only for it to get trashed at the last stage of the signal chain.

Sound Matters is about bringing the passion back into music. It is our mission to remind people how great music used to be. Because when it’s right, music can excite, enthuse, and even heal!

We’re not trying to turn the clock back; we simply believe that you, the music enthusiast deserves a better deal. That’s why, through the pages of this website, Sound Matters helps people like you take part in raising the profile of modern music.

The music industry is changing. Be a part of the change. Be a part of the solution.

Join over 15,000 people, just like you.

If, like us, you believe that music deserves high priority in our society, we would love to have you onboard. Join over 15,000 people who are passionate about music and audio by subscribing to Sound Matters or taking part in our Linked-In discussion group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear more about your musical journey sometime soon.






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